Cheers to Google’s Beer #iphone hacked

Google’s elite team of hackers released a powerful tool that can help security researchers hack and find bugs in iOS 11.2.1(recent version). Moreover this could open up the possibility of jailbreak for iphone devices that are installed with the recent version. This exploit is the hardwork of the profilic iOS bug hunter Ian Beer who also works for Google Project Zero. This project by Google works to find bugs in all types of software, including the one’s that are not owned by Google.

Beer released the tool Monday, to which he says can work for  “all devices” . The tool takes advantage of an exploit called “tfp0”. The proof of concept was only for the devices on which he tested( iphone 7, 6s and iPod touch 6G)-“but adding more support should be easy,” he wrote. However, he believes that with some tweaks, the tool should work on all devices.

The Google researcher last week teased this release in a tweet that asked “the iOS 11 kernel security researchers to keep a research-only device on iOS 11.1.2 or below raising sparks of a fresh exploit of the OS.” In a chat with Motherboard, Google said that Beer’s aim in releasing this tool is “to allow other security researchers to explore and test the security layers of iOS without needing to develop and find their own exploits” and then report to Apple so they can be remedied. Though Franceschi-Bicchierai noted that Apple hasn’t publicly commented on the tool’s release, the exploit has since been patched.

As for why Google — one of Apple’s competitors — would want any part of improving an Apple device’s functionality, Franceschi-Bicchierai points out that it “actually makes a lot of sense”

The iPhone is one of the hardest consumer devices to hack, and researchers who can do that and are able to find bugs in it rarely report the bugs or publish the tools they use because they are so valuable. But Google Project Zero researchers don’t need the money, and their mission is precisely to make all software, especially that owned by other companies, safer.


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