Pathway to Information Security

Many people seek advice for how to become an Information Security (InfoSec) professional.The InfoSec career field is broad and requires technical expertise. Many IT professionals yearn to add the tag “security” to their job description because security seems to be growing at a faster pace than general IT. Moreover this specialty commands a higher salary than general IT, and besides, it’s cool to say “I hack for a living.” Accordingly, an InfoSec professional must develop breadth and depth throughout the information security domain.



To start with information security as your profession one should have prior knowledge about the networking, programming and development.

By programming, it means that one should have basic knowledge about programming language like C/C++ ,Java, .Net etc. but one should have any scripting language in his/her basket like Python. This can give a kick start to your career.

Networking knowledge should also be given priority. When looking at networking basics and understanding how a network operates is the first step to understand routing, switching, and wireless. The network operates by connecting computers and peripherals using switches, routers, and access points. These devices are the essential networking basics that allow the various pieces of equipment connected to your network to communicate with one another, as well as with other networks. Another important concept is to understand communication models (TCP/IP and OSI MODEL) Protocols like HTTPS, SMTP etc.

The next knowledge one should grab is on development. Not the in depth knowledge but just crux of IOS/Android.The basic functionality and understanding of the code can make it go.

After you gain knowledge on prerequisties it’s time for certain certifications.

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